We hope you are well and keeping safe. We know the past few months have been extremely hard and a challenging time for everyone and for those of us who are living so close to the coast we have benefited greatly from the advantages that this brings. Now that we are coming out the other end we would like to share with you some of the work that has been ongoing during this time. Nature as you know does not understand lockdown and we can all take heart from seeing the way it has flourished while the world has slowed down to catch a breath. As many of you know, Cuan Beo is highlighting the story of oysters in Galway Bay to raise awareness of the importance of water quality in our catchment, to support the protection of the environment for future generations and to highlight the local, national and international relevance of Galway Bay oysters.

Topics include:

  • Native Oyster Restoration in Full Swing in Galway Bay
  • Site Surveying at St Georges Oyster Fishery
  • Cultch Secured for the St Georges Bed
  • First Signs of Gonad Development
  • Forcoast Project Development
  • Cuan Beo Make Submission to the Marine Planning Framework
  • Galway Bay Lays to Rest One of it’s Greats












Cuan Beo May 2020 Newsletter